Pre-Packaged Labor Program- In this option, the Managing Partner negotiates a single per car rate to charge the dealership on each vehicle processed, usually at an average price 10-25% lower than dealer's current costs. Then, using Laborgate systems to find efficiencies, the Managing Partner can achieve the kinds of cost savings the dealership experiences in the dealer direct model. This savings makes them a profit on the labor they provide, while still saving the dealerhip costs.
Labor Subsidy - The managing partner then charges a pre-set rate to each labor provider to cover the cost of the system fees or charges the dealer a single low rate to process each vehicle. By using system efficiencies, anaging partner can provide all of the labor services needed, usually for 15-35% less than current dealer labor costs.

Because no two dealerships have the same needs, we have pricing programs to suit any need. Essentially there are two basic models, each one customizable and each one reduces costs, improves turn and eliminates hassle.

Pricing Programs

Option 2 - Managed Systems

We can also provide and manage reconditioning labor directly to the dealership. In the Managed Systems model, the dealership gets all of the function and access to our systems, but at no direct cost to the dealership.

We have developed an authorized dealer support network we call our "Managing Partners" network.  This is a team of industry specialists we train to optimize each client's environment. And because we have partners in most major metropolitan areas, we can service almost any client request. Our Managing Partner will source, manage and pay for all labor associated with the reconditioning processes. In addition to our gateway systems, Laborgate also has powerful accounting tools, so payments are a breeze and virtually any size team can be easily managed. The Managing Partner is then responsible to pay all of the labor and system fees on behalf of the dealership.

Laborgate authorizes two managed programs:

Option 1 - Dealer Direct

Per Car/Per Month Fee - In this model, a monthly fee is charged based on volume, workforce size and selected software features and functions. Our base model minimum monthly system fee is $450.00 per month. Based on features and support package customization, pricing is adjusted to each client's requests.

While this pricing model has the highest direct investment cost to the dealership, it also has by far the highest possible return. As a rule, our average client reduces labor costs by more 3X over the cost of the system, as well as significantly improving turn time, reducing wasted efforts and time loss.